How to use


We are currently translating this site into English, so please understand that there is a mix of English and Japanese.(JST.2020.7.28)

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Step.1″Choose your favorite work”

New telops(Also known as caption, subtitle background.) and frames are uploaded from time to time.
Please find your favorite works from “All”, “Telop List”, “Frame List”, or “Category” and “Search (Keyword Input)” in the menu!

Step.2 “Download”

When you go to the page of your favorite work, please press the “Download” button below!

After displaying a window that specifies where to save the data, save and you’re done!
(If the image moves to another site page, right-click the image displayed on that page and save it.)
※ It has become the data of the format of the “.png” file that has been all transparent processing.

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