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Freshly fried chicken Telop(white)



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 Freshly fried chicken Telop(pink)
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Freshly fried chicken Telop(biege)
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 Freshly fried chicken Telop(yellow)
Other patterns ...

Telop Description

Freshly fried chicken (white).
An interesting item with a fried squirt and a deep-fried squirt on the front.
Fried oil is scattered from the fried chicken, giving a lively feeling.

It is a base that can be used not only for YouTube but also for content related to “fried chicken” such as advertisements.
Everyone loves food and it has a cute finish, so
I hope you can use it as a material video or a standard telop!

In addition,yellow,pink, and beige are available, so
It is good to use it properly according to the scene and taste .