Cine film telop(red)

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Cine film telop(green)
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Cine film telop(blue)
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Cine film telop(pink)
Other patterns Telop Descripti...
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Telop Description

Telop (red) with the image of a film from a movie.
It is suitable for reviews such as movies and dramas, and content with a sense of stolibility.
At one point, a small number is written in the frame of the jagged, and a more film feeling is put out.
If it is an ordinary film, it is a design with a line of rectangles, but it is made into a horizontal rectangle so that long sentences can be drawn.

In addition, there are a lot of color variations, there are black, blue, pink, green in addition to this, it is good to use it according to the scene and preference.


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