Chocolate package Telop(green)

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Other patterns

Chocolate package Telop(yellow)
Other patterns ...
Chocolate Package Telop(White)
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Chocolate package Telop(blue)
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Chocolate Package Telop(Pink)
Other patterns ...

Telop Description

Telop (green) with the image of a chocolate package.
The character input part is a jagged pattern that mimics the wrapping paper in the package of chocolate,
There are a variety of small chocolate illustrations under the frame.
Because it is a pretty design that makes you want to eat, and colorful colors
I would like you to use it for various contents such as sweets and Valentine’s Day product reviews!

There are several other color patterns, so please try to choose according to the scene!
(Other: yellow, light blue, white, pink

Recommended text colors

Dark colors, such as black and primary colors.