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Jagged telop (yellow)



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Jagged telop (black)
ギザギザのテロップベース(黒)。 ベースがギザギザ、トゲトゲしく、激しさのあるデザイン。 バラエティ色の強い面白系のテロップです。 YouTubeや広告など、衝撃発言やドッキリ、商品レビューなど幅広く使いやすいアイテムです!
Jagged telop (white)
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Telop Description

Jagger telop base (yellow).
The base has a jagged, thorny, and intense design.
It is an interesting telop with a great variety of colors.

It is a wide range of items that are easy to use, such as YouTube, advertisements, shock statements, surprises, and product reviews!

In addition to this, there are white and black colors, so it is best to use it according to the scene and taste!